Amazon logo design — history meaning and evolution Example.

Amazon Logo History, Meaning, and Evolution

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You have probably heard of a famous company like Amazon. But have you ever thought about something as small as a logo? About that incredibly important thing, its origins, its evolution, and how it became the way we see it now? If you are passionate about logo design and want to develop in this direction further, then surely this information will be not only interesting but very useful to you.

Amazon Logo History & Evolution

The Amazon history is as exciting as evolution of its logo.

Oddly enough, the logo has always displayed the company name, but originally it was called by a slightly different name. On 5 July 1994, the company was founded and had the name Cadabra, a shortened version of Abracadabra.

Bezos decided to change the name to Amazon a year later after a lawyer misidentified his original name over the phone as cadaver. This is such an entertaining fact from the early days of this company.

Initially, the branding attempts were not as subtle or refined as the logo we can see today. The original prototype was a giant bold “A“ overlaid on a water background with the meandering Amazon River, which is basically where the company’s name came from. This logo did not win any design awards, but it was obvious that it clearly marked the beginning of the company’s active development.

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Already in 1997, the company came to an Amazon logo change. They left the general appearance of the letter “A“ unchanged with the same Amazon symbol, but the reorganization of the logo was accompanied by the use of different colors and fillings, from zebra stripes to flames, but none of them managed to catch on.

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By 1998, Amazon was growing exponentially. Unlike many competitors, Amazon provided many innovative features that revolutionized the e-commerce industry and were a great success. It was one of the first sites to use one-click shopping and order verification by email. These features eventually surpassed their counterparts from other companies around the world.

Given their success in this area, the company decided to extend its specialization to include an audio library in their online shop catalog. The music section debuts on Amazon with over 110,000 pieces of music, searchable by artist, song title, or label.

Along with this, changes are being made to the website and logo styling. Instead of just the letter ‘A’, we can already see the full name of the company in a completely new style. So we can see how the old Amazon logo png has changed, and in some ways disappeared.

03. - Amazon Logo History, Meaning, and Evolution

By 2000, Amazon was at the top of its game. Unsatisfied with his market supremacy, Bezos was constantly looking for ways to expand and improve his business, eventually trying to sell almost every conceivable product.

Jeff Bezos believed it was impossible to make a huge leap in business without updating his logo, and this time he wanted to solidify it for good. Jeff Bezos had two main conditions:

  • The logo must fully reflect Amazon’s ideology.
  • The logo should be timeless. In other words, for once and for all.

He turned to the creative agency Turner Duckworth for this task. As a result, they presented a logo that Jeff Bezos and his team immediately enjoyed. It is a logo that we can still view today.

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The only minor change that occurred in 2012 was the removal of the “.com“ extension from the name.

05. - Amazon Logo History, Meaning, and Evolution

Who Designed the Amazon Icon?

The designers of the latest version of Amazon’s logo are Joan Chan and David Turner of creative agency Turner Duckworth. It is not known how much was paid for the logo design services, but they got a lot more than their money’s worth. They have gained recognition and indisputable credibility for creating a logo that has not changed in over 10 years and is trendy. Bezos was so pleased with the logo that when a senior VP of the company asked if he wanted to do some research first, Bezos laughed and replied, “Only people who don’t like puppies would dislike this logo“.

What is the Meaning Behind Amazon Logo?

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered about amazon symbols’ meaning, here’s the answer. The modern icon that we can see is not just an Amazon emblem. It is built on the philosophy of Bezos, who dreamed that his online shop should have a huge range of products, as we used to say “from A to Z“. So, we observe in the logo an arrow leading from the letter “A“ to “Z“.

The bright orange arrow on the logo represents a smile. This image symbolizes Amazon’s efforts to satisfy customers as much as possible, and the fact that visitors will be greeted with a smile when they enter the website.

What Font is on the Logo of Amazon?

Amazon uses its font named Officina Sans Bold that is neither too professional nor too casual but creates the perfect balance for an online shop. This typeface allows the company to demonstrate its personality while remaining in tune with current trends.

The font was designed specifically for use in the company logo.


As we can see, the creation and life of the Amazon logo is quite an interesting story. It is encouraging and shows that sometimes you have to go the hard way to get to the top.

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